Travel League/MPC

Travel League/Match Play Challenge events are team based events playing both doubles and singles in a handicapped format. Teams compete for cash payouts based on winning matches and earning points for those matches. There is a 100% payout of monies paid in at each event.


Doubles Match Win-$20*

Singles Match Win-$10*

Team Points-Top third or more paid.

* Hollywood players earn $10 for doubles wins and $10 for singles. Only one match is eligible for payout in singles.


Matches are 18 holes with each hole worth 2 points, for a total of 36 points available each round. Player(s) winning a hole earn 2 points. Each player(s) earns 1 point in the event of a tie on a hole. Team points are the cumulative total of points from the doubles round and both player’s points from the singles round


All matches are straight up until a team or player leads by 2 or more holes (4 points) Players are then required to give a stroke on each subsequent hole until the lead is less the 2 holes. When a stroke is given it only effects who wins or loses the hole it does not change the actual score on a hole. (eg. player A is giving a stroke and takes a 3 on the hole, his opponent also takes a 3, player A has lost the hole and his opponent earns 2 points)

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