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Tiger Fighting October 2nd Spanish national team coach Luis Enrique attended today's national team press conference

Tiger Fighting 10月2日,西班牙国家队教练路易斯·恩里克(Luis Enrique)参加了今天的国家队新闻发布会

I think this is indeed an advantage of him. Of course, his shooter instinct is very strong, his technique is very good, and his talent is very attractive.


He knows how to fulfill his responsibilities without the ball and with the ball. It is very rare to be able to do this. Because many players make mistakes in this area, of course this is a normal thing, but Fati is very special and his understanding of the game is very good.


Of course we are considering the current situation, but also because we are going to play three games this time. Of course, I am also willing to recruit more players, which is also a good thing for us.


Thiago’s absence was due to his personal health, which was also an accident. As for Canales and Campania, these two players are also what we have been paying attention to. We were considering them before. Although they were selected for the first and second time respectively, everyone understands the Spanish midfielder. It is the strongest in Europe, so it is not easy to get opportunities. However, both players performed very well. Although it is the first time for Campania, he has already performed well in Levante. Not only has the ball, but also his running without the ball. This is a lot of people. Ignored.


I think it is, but it is not, because our lineup certainly cannot say that the less changes are the better. Of course, there is no doubt that this time the big roster has the least changes compared to the previous one. After the last亚博游戏app官网登录 training session, I am The team is generally satisfied, but I will also put forward more requirements in the next training camp.


There is no doubt that we still need to fix some problems and correct some mistakes, but if we take it seriously, I think our performance as a whole has more positive aspects than disadvantages. However, I hope that more players will be selected and their positions have always been there. It depends on their performance. Of course, these players who are now selected are all worthy of this position.


In fact, I don’t remember such a thing. Of course, I understand the club’s mood and motivation to protect the players. This is normal, but I still said that.


To be honest, this is very bad news, I just learned it, especially for players, it is very bad. I hope his condition will not be too serious, and I hope Carvajal will recover as soon as possible.


No, because of our goalkeeper, I have always been very calm. We have used 4 goalkeepers. When I was a coach, I chose the most suitable goalkeeper, whether it was Kepa, De Gea, or Unai- Simeone and Paul Lopez are both very good goalkeepers. Of course, everyone will make mistakes. This is inevitable. I also know that they can do better, but I am not worried about them.


Do what you should do, focus on your own work, and do better every day. For us, we have always been cautious and careful, because Fati is not an adult, he is very good now, everyone is full of expectations for him .


But we still said that, from me, to Luis de la Fuente (Spain U21 coach) to Coman, we need him to focus 亚博游戏app官网登录on himself, remain humble, and make himself better.

但是我们仍然说,从我到Luis de la Fuente(西班牙U21教练)到Coman,我们需要他专注于自己,保持谦虚并让自己变得更好。

I believe his parents have told him about this suggestion. Those of us with some social experience will say that. This is normal. In the future, he will encounter setbacks. He will not play a game well or play very well one day. Still need to be pampered. Barcelona is a good place, I think it is very suitable for his growth.


Eric García has already played for a giant, playing high-level games. As a coach, we have high demands on defenders, especially in the Spanish national team. The task of being a central defender is very important, including playing the ball and breaking through the opponent's press. , To provide support to the players in the frontcourt requires the ability to be in the foot, and it also needs to be very smart without the ball. It requires a variety of abilities. There are many, many requirements. I don’t know if this is lucky because I am Defenders are very demanding.


How do you say this? Adama was selected for the big squad two times before, but due to various reasons, he finally did not appear. This is the third time. I hope I can finally appear. He has made significant progress in the Premier League, and we know that he is different from all the wingers in Spain now. He is a very good breakthrough player. I am looking forward to his help.


As for the question of the Mali national team, this needs to be decided by himself. After we communicated with the players before, Adama himself said that he hopes to play for Spain and we are looking forward to it. Of course, any player is selected and they choose another national team, we have no problem, this is the player's own decision and choice.


I have no worries, I only know that a 17-year-old player is on the rise, his progress is in line with his level, and he has seized his opportunity. I think everything is going on normally, this is our goal, let Fati continue to improve, continue to score, continue to play well. I don’t want everyone to hold it up for a while and criticize it again.


Ceballos is a player we have always cultivated. He has a very good player who can pass the ball, organize attacks and defend. He guarantees playing time at Arsenal and has improved a lot in defense. But the Spanish national team is very competitive. I am very satisfied with Ceballos' return. He played double midfielders at Arsenal. I also hope to talk about making contributions to the national team.


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