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亚博游戏app官网登录_游泳冠军赛综述:连破纪录达A标 伴随大争议大隐患
名称:亚博游戏app官网登录_游泳冠军赛综述:连破纪录达A标 伴随大争议大隐患

   In the final drama of the 2020 National Swimming Championship, the combination of Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, and Yang Junxuan hit the world record for the second time, regrettably not achieving it. This result also fits the two major characteristics of this championship: 1. The evening preliminaries and the morning finals. Our players have not found the best feeling of adaptation. 2. Although there are all kinds of dissatisfaction and complaints, even breaking the circle has alarmed many non-sports fans. But this championship, as far as pure competition is concerned, is indeed a wonderful one. Of course, the sense of fragmentation brought to the competition by physical competition, and the pervasive sense of confusion about the future fate of those first-line players with physical difficulties, may exist and suffer in a short period of time.

在2020年全国游泳锦标赛的最后一幕中,徐家瑜,严子be,张玉飞和杨俊轩的组合再次创世界纪录,可惜没有实现。这个结果也符合该冠军的两个主要特征:1.晚上预赛和决赛。我们的球员没有找到最佳的适应感。 2.尽管存在各种不满和抱怨,但即使打破圈子也让许多非体育迷感到震惊。但是就纯粹的比赛而言,这一冠军确实是一个了不起的比赛。当然,体育比赛给比赛带来的分裂感以及对那些身体上有困难的一线选手未来命运的普遍困惑,可能会在短期内存在并遭受痛苦。



   Although Chinese swimming has broken many world records, it is basically set in international competitions. Domestic competitions are very rare. The world record set in the swimming championship last time has to be traced back to 2001 when Qi Hui broke the women's 200-meter breaststroke world record. In this championship, a new generation of Chinese players completed a major breakthrough in the new era. Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, and Yang Junxuan composed the Jiangsu, Hubei, Zhejiang and Lu team. They set a world record for this event in 3 minutes 38.41 on a men’s and women’s 4x100 mix. This is an absolute match made by Chinese swimming in this Olympic cycle. The new Olympic gold spot of the Chinese Legion.


   But for swimmers, the new world record of 4 by 100 mixed men and women is a matter of course and can be expected before the game. Two Asian records and two national records were the real surprises. After Wang Jian Jiahe's World Championships last year, people wondered if she had reached the limit. But this time the 1500 record from Asia proves that she can still go forward. Yu Hexin’s 50s have hovered between 22.00 and 20 for many years. This time he bravely broke through to 21.79, breaking Ning Zetao's record, which is really impressive.


   It is Zhang Yufei who makes people scream. She has completely broken the optimistic speculation of swimming fans about her maximum limit. She broke two strong records that have been maintained for 11 years and seem to have to be maintained. The new Asian record for the women's 100 meters-55.62 seconds, the world's first in this event since 2018. In history, no one can swim to this level except for Scherstrom in Sweden. I thought that if Chijiang Lihuazi didn't have leukemia, he might have to break Liu Zige's Asian record first. However, Zhang Yufei, who suffered from all his hardships at the Asian Games in Jakarta, can now speak in a high-profile manner: The Chinese record must be maintained by the Chinese!


Zhang Yufei broke Pang Jiaying’s national record in the preliminaries of the individual sub-item women’s 100-meter freestyle, and entered the top six of the World Series at 52.90, which made people shocked by the overall effect of his intensive training. . Her personal abilities have improved by leaps and bounds. In addition to the effects of the men's and women's 4x100 mix, it has also greatly affected the women's 4x100 mix, women's 4x100 mix, and men's 4x100 mix.

张玉飞在个人子项女子100米自由泳的预赛中打破了庞嘉莹的国家纪录,并以52.90的成绩进入了世界大赛的前六名,这使人们对其强化训练的整体效果感到震惊。 。她的个人能力突飞猛进。除了男女4x100混合效果外,它还极大地影响了女性4x100混合,女性4x100混合和男性4x100混合。



   There are two names for this championship, the National Swimming Championship and the Tokyo Olympics Qualification Tournament. Reaching the standard is the most important task this time. Of course, two points must be emphasized. One: the Olympic A standard is reached; two: the new standard achieved for the first time. From the first day to the last day of this championship, there were athletes breaking through the Olympic A standard. According to statistics, a total of 26 athletes have reached the Olympic A standard 55 times out of 20 events. The list is too long and will not be listed. Among them, Wang Jian Jiahe broke the A standard in three events, and Xu Jiayu broke the A standard four times in the men's 100m backstroke (including the first baton of the relay). In fact, the women's 1500m freestyle, which is not enough attention, has once again become a benchmark project. Even the preliminaries and the finals, a total of eight people exceeded the A standard.


  The number one priority, of course, is to meet the standard for the first time. Yu Liyan and Zhang Yifan broke the 2 minutes and 07 seconds mark in the women's 200m butterfly. Entering the ranks of 2 seconds and 06 seconds is an internationally competitive record. Zhang Yufei gave up 200 butterflies and broke the Asian record on 100 butterflies. It was a surprise. He reached the A mark for the first time on 100 butterflies and broke 53 seconds. Its absolute importance has been explained in the previous paragraph.


   The young player Wang Jiayin, born in 2007, in the women’s 200-meter backstroke, has broken through to a height of 2:09.22, which is really promising for his future. Yu Hexin’s 50 has reached a new high of 79 in 21 seconds, and a personal high of 100 in 48.44. Although his double A bid is successful, he may not be able to put it in the World Series, but for the multiple confrontations of the Chinese team in Asia and Japan. It is definitely necessary to build a lot of confidence. Hubei athlete Sun Jiajun, in the 100-meter butterfly stroke at the beginning of the year, just broke 53 seconds to 52.89. This time the championship progressed to 51.81, breaking the Olympic A mark of 51.96. The progress was amazing. His appearance can forcefully make up for the short-lived gap in the appearance of the 100 Chinese men because of Li Zhuhao's poor condition.

年轻选手王佳音(Wang Jiayin)于2007年出生,女子仰泳200米,他的突破高度达到了2:09.22,这对他的未来来说确实是有希望的。于和欣的50分在21秒内达到了79分的新高,个人最高分是48.44分在100分。尽管他的双重A竞标成功,但他可能无法参加世界大赛,而是因为中国队在亚洲和日本的多重对抗。绝对有必要树立信心。湖北运动员孙家俊,今年年初以100米蝶泳挺身,仅以53秒的成绩就破了52.89。这次冠军升至51.81,打破了奥林匹克A的51.96。进步是惊人的。由于李竹浩的状况不佳,他的外表可以亚博游戏app官网登录有力地弥补100名中国男子外表短暂的差距。



  Whether the physical fitness test is arranged properly or not is seriously doubtful, but this is only preliminary; what is more terrible is that after the test, the physical fitness rankings will be compared with each other, and the final places will be determined on this basis. This practice has already attracted a lot of attention from sports fans at the National Track and Field Championships, and when it comes to swimming, it has accelerated the fermentation. Two days before the start of the game, there was an embarrassing scene in which Yu Hexin and Fu Yuanhui failed to advance in the preliminaries and even broke the national record. When Wang Jian Jiahe broke the Asian record and was out, and Olympic champion Ye Shiwen was out again, it immediately became a major social topic.


   However, Chinese Swimming is a world-class team with a strong presence of strong men. A large number of first-line players and a large number of first-line players are physically weak. There is no need to worry about the hot spot of the competition. Negative topics are relatively easy to digest. The decision made by the senior management is unlikely to change day by day. Chinese sports fans, whether they are used to it or not, are prepared to maintain the status quo at least before the Tokyo Olympics. As for households with physical difficulties led by Wang Jian Jiahe and Fu Yuanhui? Moreover, your physical fitness is not the key. You have to win a PK with others to qualify for the final. We can only pray for their good luck.




   From a purely competi亚博试玩tion perspective, perhaps the most imperfect group of Chinese players this time is that they have not adapted to the time system of the evening preliminaries and the morning finals. The excitement is really not enough. In this championship, there are very few times that the finals have better results than the preliminaries. For example, Xu Jiayu’s 200 yams have to be ruled out. Because the opponent is too weak, the preliminaries are swimming, and the finals are stronger than the preliminaries. Quite a lot of items and players that made swimming fans excited in the preliminaries, by the finals, none of them had a breakthrough. Of course, there are factors in the physical competition that caused some first-line masters to compare the preliminary rounds as th亚博试玩e finals, but after the entire comparison, we did not see the players in the morning finals improve.


  Fortunately before the Tokyo Olympics, in theory, we still have a national championship that we can play in the first half of next year. In any case, in this championship, the Chinese players must adjust themselves to the most exciting stage in the morning, otherwise they will really miss so many good results in the preliminaries.




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