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【亚博试玩】姚基金慈善赛意义远超篮球 久违了坐满人的球馆和充满笑容的武汉
发布时间:2021-03-01 14:55:01

The Yao Foundation Charity Tournament came to an end once again. People from various social organizations such as sports, entertainment, school students, hospital doctors and nurses all contributed to an unforgettable event. The Yao Fund, which has been developing for public welfare undertakings, has brought countless vitality to the city of Wuhan this time, and also filled the long-lost stadium with spectators, and made this area that had been in panic for a while with a long-lost smile.


When Du Feng and Stephen Marbury, who have always been stern coaches, laughed when coaching on the sidelines, you must be able to understand that this is a game where the outcome is not particularly critical. But when the players are all immersed in the game because of basketball, this is definitely the best moment that sports can bring to people. Yao Fund’s competitions have never been finalized. Hope that through this scale of competitions, more people in need can be helped. The development of this competition in recent years has gradually created its own brand. .

当一直是严厉教练的杜锋和斯蒂芬·马伯里在场边执教时大笑时,您必须能够理解这是一场比赛并没有特别关键的比赛。但是,当所有球员都因为篮球而沉迷于比赛中时,这绝对是体育带给人们的最佳时刻。姚基金的竞赛尚未完成。希望通过如此规模的比赛,可以帮助更多有需要的人。近年来,这项比赛的发展逐渐建立了自己的品牌。 。

Wuhan, the city once fell into a dead silence due to the epidemic, and many people were full of fear and anxiety about it. However, the doctors and nurses who charged into the front line to fight the virus, this time also sent representatives to participate in the Yao Fund competition, which became an important part of the game. Some of them have dealt with death many times and rescued countless suffering patients at the line of life and death. When these great people stepped into the basketball court, they put their worries behind and used basketball to motivate themselves and sports. The city continues to move forward.


During the intermission, when Yao Ming walked into the center of the stadium to award medals to athletes, his motivation for the representatives of these sports in Wuhan far exceeded the significance of that certificate. When the Yao Foundation Charity Tournament landed in Wuhan, it showed that Yao Ming, as the chairman of the Basketball Association, had confidence in the city and the local people, and he also had enough confidence in the implementation and management of the city. Coming out of the silence, the Wuhan Sports Center gathered a large number of spectators this evening, all because of a basketball game. Perhaps the last time there was such a joyous scene, a long, long time has passed. However, because of the successful holding of the Yao Foundation Charity Competition, the spiritual inspiration brought by sports in the past has once again awakened everyone.


Although the dispersal of the epidemic has not yet fully declared the victory of this battle, when people on the court can take off their masks and show long-lost smiles, they can feel that they are full of hope for life and immersed in sports. The painful struggles I have experienced in the past seem to have been diluted by the sport of basketball, and what can play the role of this medium is such a unique basketball game of Yao Fun亚博游戏app官网登录d.


Players on the side of the stadium interacted from time to time. The audience did not forget to greet their idols and ask for photo autographs until the end of the game. Photographers under the ball rack worked intensively to take pictures. These usual stadium events in the past reappear in Wuhan. The Yao Foundation event witnessed a grand sports event in Wuhan after the epidemic. I believe this is a good start, and there will be more events landing in this city, so that the long-lost smile will hang on everyone's cheeks.


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